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Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Saturday-Sunday: Closed 678-629-3122

Mission Statement

Our mission at Roswell Pharmacy is to provide utmost safe and quality care to our customers based on their specific needs, maintaining high level of professionalism and excellent mode of communication and interpersonal relationships.

Vision Statement

The vision of our team at Roswell Pharmacy is to deliver appropriate information to patients associated with the use of medication and devices to achieve optimum health.

About Roswell Pharmacy

pharmacist with a customer in a pharmacy

Roswell Pharmacy is committed to providing quality and affordable medications with customized care to its customers. Our team provides care for all settings, whether they are for the home, for the hospital or clinic, and for other care facilities. We strive to deliver quality, affordable, and personalized care for all our customers so that they can make healthier choices through the products and services we offer.

We are highly passionate about extending excellent customer service with smile and care. Customer care is extended by filling out the prescriptions quickly, understanding the value of our customers’ time. In addition, our licensed pharmacists along with certified technicians and experienced staff are always ready to assist and attend to your queries with smile.

You may easily reach us, at 678-629-3122. We highly encourage you to visit us so our team can serve you better at Roswell Pharmacy.